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Truly Effortless

A pair of Super-powerful brushless motor drives a fully loaded luggage as light as a feather. 

Real-time Synchronisation with your WALKING/RUNNING speed, No matter you go up or down a slope it will always follow your speed.

A pair of large Off-Road Anti-Puncture rubber tires, U-MOV can easily run on ANY terrain. 

Specially designed Air-trap hollow tire offers absorbing impact of bumps and surface noise.  

Always match your walking or running speed
Run on ANY terrains
A fully loaded luggage push it with ONE finger
Off-Road Anti-Puncture air-trap hollow tires


Safe & easy to use

Wonderful safety feature built-inside of the handle, which will stop the operation automatically when you let go of the handle to guarantee that safety for you and the public.

Power & Go! Just pull out the handle, U-MOV will be in operation mode and do the heavy lifting for you.

Complete stress free Solution

U-MOV can easily convert to a conventional manpower luggage for scenarios requiring manual operation.  

A remove battery pack efficiently supply power to U-MOV, it also functions as a mobile power bank for your mobile devices. 

Narrow side forward design gives you full control over U-MOV, so you can safely move through the crowds with No effort.

Manual mode
Narrow side forward design
Remove battery pack as a Power Bank


Bluetooth remote lock

Bluetooth lock allows you to lock/unlock SUPERCASE remotely via a mobile app, or Lock/ Unlock itself when you are in range! 

Mobile phone GPS App tracking a
llows you to track SUPERCASE in real-time or the last spot it visited. (26"Only)

USB charging port
TSA Approvals Locks
Digital Weighing Scale
Superior Interior Design

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